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My Library

My library will be the largest section of my website. Unfortunately, right now I only have the homepage finished since I believe that nothing else I have is worth putting up yet. It needs to be edited. Go to my Library ----›

My Fanfictions

Another large section of my site. I currently have 5 completed fan fictions up though they still needed to be edited for a final time. More is soon to come. Also, be aware that my fan fictions are for a mature audience only so please do not read unless you are over 16. Go to my Fanfictions ----›


My gallery is still being added to and rearranged and organize. All that jazz. Go to my Gallery----›

Welcome to Arecís Words

Welcome to Arecís Words, my homepage for anything and everything that filters through my mind and down to my fingers. I have actually worked hard to get the website layout etc to just how I want it and I am actually proud of it. I went through layouts like underwear but I finally settle on ones that I truly love and hope you will too.

Basically I created this site to share with you my novels, fan fictions, and artwork. However, everything you see on this site unless stated otherwise is mine and belongs to my. So no stealing please.

Check out WOHS

Be sure to check out my novel and webcomic, WOHS. WOHS is a novel that tells about the woes of one high school girl and her group of friends who must not only survive the horror that is high school but also help to protect their own world from those crazy enough to threaten it. CHECK IT OUT!.


New layouts for the entire site. I uploaded some pictures to my photo bucket so pictures will be up in the gallery soon. Links added to the Library.