Prologue has been editted and chapters 1-3 have gone under revsion. Be sure to check them out. I have also been debating whether to put up an information section like I orginally intended to do. I don't think it will happen but it will always be on my mind. Right now it is still debatable and under consideration.

A Little Woe Never Hurt Anybody...

July.24.2008 by ♣Arec

WOHS is a novel that tells about the woes of one high school girl and her group of friends who must not only survive the horror that is high school but also help to protect their own world from those crazy enough to threaten it.


Preview, eh?

July.24.2008 by ♣Arec

WOHS is a story about a group of friends that must find their way through the chaos and drama that is high school while still learning to laugh and grow. In the world of Whithrown, there are mages and priestess, werewolves and demons, the Magistrate and the Immortals, but most importantly, there are high schoolers. In a world where magic reigns, education is still a obligation.

Adelaide is only a high schooler. Young and ambitious, Adelaide does not want to do great things; she wants to do revolutionary things. Yet, in an unfair world ruled with magic, a high schooler can only do so much. While still trying to control her outrageous powers, Adelaide must also pass her history test. Not to mention avoiding the dangerous gangs that roam the school grounds, try not to make a fool out of herself in front of the guy she likes, and help her friends save their world. Oh, what’s a girl to do?