Only His Dreams

[OneShot] Vegeta is haunted by dreams a blonde haired blue eyed girl. Hmm I wonder who it could be? VxS. REVISED. COMPLETE. REQUEST


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Author Note

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On to the Story...

7.24.07 by ♣ Arec

Sleep. He hated sleep. It meant dreams. Dreams involving a certain blonde. He preferred to call them nightmares because when he awoke he would be covered in a layer of sweat and shaking uncontrollably, wishing he had never fallen asleep.

They all started out different. A dusk warmed beach. An abandoned cabin on the side of a snow covered mountain. Or some romantic place like that. But they all ended up the same. He knew he should be worried, that he should get help or at least tell someone about it. But it was more than his pride that stopped him from doing so. They were just too damn good. How her soft lips felt against his was something he knew he could never experience but still craved. Her soft pink lips, especially when they melded with his. And her tongue, oh the things she could do with her sweet little tongue were mind-blowing. He always enjoyed tasting her mouth as their tongues battled for dominance but it was when she took him in her mouth did he truly appreciate that wicked little tongue of hers. She liked to tease him, flicking the tip of her tongue across the head of his shaft before running it up and down the underside. Every now and then she would kneads his heavy scrotum in her small but skilled hands while she pleasured him with her mouth. He would watch her head bob up and down between his legs before he couldnít take it anymore and released himself into her mouth. He felt her swallowing all of it, licking the remains from her lips as to not waste a drop while he laid panting under her.

Sometimes the dream would end there, making him groan as he finished the job his dream didnít. It was impossible for him to go back to sleep after that so he often went and trained trying to get her moist mouth and sinful tongue from his mind.

Other times he was allowed to stay in the dream world and it would be his turn to please the blonde succubus. He wasted no time switching their positions, pinning her petite frame beneath his larger one. She would still run her hands all of his body removing his shirt to reveal his well developed torso. He thought it was a unfair that she was fully clothed against his naked form, his pants long since discarded. With a powerful jerk, he would completely rip off her school girl uniform making her laugh while revealing her lacy pink bra and underwear, already wet with arousal. Had it been up to him she wouldíve been wearing a revealing lingerie that he would love to slowly peel off her skin, teasing the skin he revealed with licks and nibbles. Or absolutely nothing at all. But her undergarments now still made him hard, until he tore them off of course. Her plump breast bounced from the effort as he eyed them hungrily. Taking them into his mouth, he began to show her how cruel he could be with his own tongue. Curling it around one hardening peak he teased her other with his clever fingers. Every so often he would pinch them and pull causing her to gasp out. In turn, he would smirk at this but at the moment he had other, wetter places in mind. His mouth traveled down her stomach barely touching her flesh and making her giggle slightly. When her reached her dripping, pink lips, he blew on them. She shivered. He would give her a slow tormenting lick at which she would all but scream. Then he buried his nose in her curls as he devoured her, sending small shocks spiking through her with each lick. She would arch higher and higher, the pleasure becoming unbearable and she had to thrust her hips into his face again and again until she would cry out and come unto his awaiting tongue. He continued to lap up her juices, sending smaller orgasms reeling through her until she had no energy left. Even as she lay spent on the ground, he would lick her until nothing was left.

With a sigh of content and his trademark smirk, he would sit back on his heels taking in the sight of the naked collapsed girl in front of him. Both were panting, sweat covering their bodies. After getting his breath back he would eye her core eagerly. He grabbed one her ankles and, yanking her to him, impaled her on his hard awaiting cock. Sometimes there was a hymen to break, other time he would slide all the way in, up to the hilt. Either way she would still scream out and cling to him. In his first dream, it had startled him, even hurt his ears but over time he grew to anticipate her screams, cries, moans and every other sound her little lips could create. It made him impossibly harder and want to pound into her. At first he would be gentle with her, which often ground at his nerves but allowed her to thrust back with her thick thighs. But after awhile he grew tired of her matching his speed. He wanted her to cry out his name, if she even knew it that is, and began to move faster. She would pout, sticking out her bottom lip cutely as she bounced against him. He took her lower lip between his teeth, pulling her mouth to his. Once more their tongues were battling as he took her. But her wanted her to moan. Still inside her, he grabbed her hips and spun her around so she was on her knees. The new position allowed him to push in even deeper than before. He now mercilessly took her, thrusting in so that her hands clutched the ground as her back arched downward and her head tilted backwards, her hair cascading down her back. She moaned and gasped slightly but it wasn't enough. Tapping into the speed he used during battle, he plunged into her at a new speed. At last he receive the cries and screams he wanted. Her inner walls suddenly clamped around him with a sharp cry as she finally exploded. As she tightened around him, she took him over the edge bringing him to his own release. She groaned as she felt the warmth spread through her stomach. Sometimes her would leave himself inside of her. Others times he groan as he pulled himself out and laid tiredly beside her. They would share a smile, maybe a kiss or two.

And then...

It would end. And he would wake up alone in his cold bed. He would groan and try to bring himself the release his dream couldnít. But he knew he would never be able to return to sleep. Not with his midnight angelís heart shaped face and crystal blue eyes newly re-engraved inside his mind. It was an endless cycle he couldnít break. Sleep. Dream. Wake up alone. Train. All he wanted to do was find the woman who haunted his dreams and sate himself in her until he could barely move. But it wasnít meant to be and he was only left with his dreams. His god given dreams.