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Those Amber Eyes

[Oneshot] Another request from DarkNeko15. He never thought he'd fall for this young demon slayer, making love to her beneath the starlight sky. InuXSango REVISED.

Sneak Away: Into the...

[OneShot] Nabooru had always admired and loved the Dark King but never had the chance to tell him, until now. A Nabooru x Ganondorf story because they don't get enough love. REVISED.

Only His Dreams

[OneShot] Vegeta is haunted by dreams a blonde haired blue eyed girl. Hmm I wonder who it could be? VxS. REVISED.


7.24.07 by ♣ Arec

Welcome to the Fanfictions library of Arec's Words, my fanfics unedited and uncut! Oooh, sounds dirty. Anyway, like any rabid fangirl, I cannot stop my mind from creating numerous fanfictions for my current obsessions!