Red River

Stay With Me

[OneShot] Prince Kail dread the day Yuri will finally leave him. What happens when he finally gets the nerve to show her how much her loves and asks her to stay? REVISED. REQUEST


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Author Note

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On to the Story...

7.24.07 by ♣ Arec

Kail Mursili watched Yuri walk about the field in front of him bending down every now and then to pick up flowers as she saw fit. She was gathering a bouquet for some reason or another. Probably from boredom since Kail, not wanting her to leave his sight, had refused to let her go anywhere. The prince now sat in one of the large windows drinking a sweet wine. He sat there swirling his cup lazily while he contemplated the time since Yuri had been there. He had been changed by her so much yet he couldn’t understand how. Before he had been one of the most eligible bachelors of the country and could have any woman he wanted. In fact, they practically threw themselves at him. And who was he to refuse them? But now he didn’t, couldn’t, think of any woman but the one in front of him.

You love her, a voice in the back of his head said.

Prince Kail’s eyes slimmed. Of course he loved her. You had to be a fool not to realize that. But no one realized how much he loved her, not even him. He would love to walk with her as she asked him questions about anything and everything about the strange world she had be kidnapped to. She was so cute when she learned something for the first time and her face lit up from awe and curiosity. When she wasn’t with him he couldn’t concentrate on anything but her. Since Zannanza had died and Yuri injured, Kail had refused to let her leave his side under no circumstance. He barely let her out of his sight now. And if she wasn’t with him she was under heavy surveillance by Hadi, Ryui, and Shala.

Kail smiled to Yuri warmly when she waved and began to walk towards him. Leaving his cup on the ledge in which he had been sitting, he met her halfway.

“What a beautiful bouquet. Are you finished?” he asked kindly. Yuri nodded with that sweet smile and began to show him each flower asking him about them. Kail, however, couldn’t take his eyes of her sweet face.


The prince didn’t even hear her.

“Prince Kail!” she said a little more boldly.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t take make eyes off such a beautiful thing,” Kail answered.

Thinking he was talking about her bouquet, Yuri smiled brightly, “We should go and put these in a vase.”

Kail nodded and they started towards their room. Along the way, Kail called for Kikkuri who came as quickly. He reached them just before their room and immediately Kail ordered him to fetch vase. Kikkuri bowed slight before disappearing to retrieve the vase. Kail stepped inside and closed the door behind him. Inside Yuri sat down on the bed with a huff, the flowers now resting on her lap. For a moment they sat in an uneasy silence before Kail spoke.

“You picked a lot of flowers.” It was stupid, he knew, like it was just something to fill the silence.

“Yes,” she answered just as equally awkward. “They were all so beautiful I couldn’t decide which ones to choose so I just picked them all.”

“Well they make a lovely bouquet,” he answered. He was about to say something about how lovely she looked holding them but there was a knock on the door and Kikkuri entered carrying a heavily ornamented vase. Kail took the vase with a quiet thank you and set it on a table near the bed. Yuri stood quickly and placed them in the vase arranging them to her liking.

“They truly are beautiful,” Kail mused standing directly behind her.

“Thank you,” she blushed realizing how close he was to her.


Before Yuri could answer, she found herself sitting on Kail lap on the bed with one armed wrapped around her small waist and the other holding her head still as on he pressed his lips firmly to hers. After a moment his tongue slipped past her lips to explore and taste her sweet mouth. Yuri gasped and put a hand on his chest, whether to push him away or just feel him pressing against her, she wasn’t sure. He already captured her right hand and now held it gently within his while his mouth traveled down her neck as he ran his tongue along her soft flesh.

“Yuri…” he repeated against the skin where her shoulder met her neck.

He didn’t know what he was pleading for; her submission or permission. Yuri squeezed the hand holding hers and Kail took that as the signal that he could continue. Kail couldn’t believe. She had allowed his deep kisses and couldn’t stop his small touches such as the small squeezes to her bottom or developing breast but she had never actually given him permission. He gently pulled at the front of her tunic, baring her abdomen. He gave her an encouraging smile before leaning down to kiss the valley of her breast.

“You’re so beautiful, my goddess, my Yuri…”

Yuri sucked in breath when he began to place kisses over her collar bone, each one growing ever closer to her breasts. He palmed one plump mound, kneading it under his large hand while he placed his mouth over the other, catching her nipple between his teeth before soothing it with his tongue and a gentle suck. Yuri lifted her hand to her mouth, biting her finger to keep from moaning. While his mouth was occupied with her breasts, Kail’s hands slowly pushed the rest of her tunic off with his other hand leaving only underwear. But the prince didn’t remove it, instead he slowly pushed her legs open, leaving her open to him. He pressed a finger to the junction between her thigh causing her to arch slightly. Leisurely he began to stroke her through her underwear, the cloth becoming wet under his ministrations. Yuri whimpered and arched her back. She couldn’t stop from whimpering as he added more pressure with his fingers.

“Kail,” she whined.

Kail smiled and slipped his finger past the barrier to caress her fold.

“Kail!” she cried out clutching the hand still hold her own above her head.

Kail’s smile turned into a smirk as he ran his fingers lazily over her, feeling her become wetter. He had been waiting for this for so longHe began to play her jewel, squeezing it slightly before rolling it between his fingers. Yuri’s eyes flew open as her mouth opened to form an O. Finally Kail couldn’t take it anymore and slid her undergarment off her hips leaving her completely bare.

“I love you ….” he murmured against her skin as he traveled down her body.

He placed a trail kisses down her soft stomach and when he reached her belly button her swirled his tongue around it before traveling lower. Yuri all but cried out when his tongue ran over her wet fold, tasting her sweet nectar. His tongue cruelly lapped at her, sending shivers up and down her body. She arched again, tensing.

“Please,” this time it was Yuri who begged, the ache between her legs becoming too powerful for her to handle.

Kail moved up the length of her, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she moaned rubbing her body against his. “Please, Kail, I want you. I…I need you inside of me.”

As if he was scared she would changed her mind, Kail quickly pulled off his own clothes and settled between her. When his tip touch her wet curls, she sighed in relief. He gently pushed into her, stopping when he met her barrier.

“This will hurt,” he rasped in his husky lust-filled voice.

He felt her body tense but instead of telling him to continue she continued for him, thrusting against him hard and causing him to tear through her innocence.

“Yuri,” he grounded out as they both stilled.

She looked up at him giving him a wicked smile as tears formed on the edges of her eyes. It was so unlike her. Kail returned her smile as he began to slowly push in and out. Yuri gasped at such a pleasurable feeling and began to move with him, feeling the ache in her grow stronger and stronger. A layer of sweat covered them as he picked up the pace, stroking her insides and causing their body to heat even more at the friction. Yuri arched against him trying to get him deeper, to try to rid the ache and complete her. He was pushing harder into her now, increasing his speed making her moan. She was no longer able to keep up with him and held on for the ride. A few more thrusts and she cried out as something exploded within her, sending her pleasure spiraling to a new height. But Kail didn’t stop. He kept on thrusting prolonging that painfully pleasure causing it to spike over and over again. He thrust into her up to the hilt and groaned as he released himself inside of her.

Both lay panting heavily, sleep slowly overcoming the young inexperienced girl.

“I love you so much,” Yuri murmured sleepily, Kail still inside her.

“Then stay with me,” Kail replied more forcefully than he meant to.

“What?” all fatigue left her body at that moment.

“Please, Yuri, stay with me. I love you so much it hurts and I couldn‘t bare if you left me.”

Yuri’s eye open wide at his proclamation. Smiling softly she cradled his face in between her and looked deep into his eye. It was at the moment that she knew where she belonged.

“Well then, Kail Mursili, let me stay with you.” Kail almost cried at the moment as he captured her lips in a sweet kiss.