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Confessions Long Awaited

[OneShot] Duzell has never stopped loving Ishtar. And now that she has accepted Darres will never return her love, Duzell loves her even more. But things have changed between them.... REVISED.


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On to the Story...

7.24.07 by ♣ Arec

“Something wrong?” Ishtar asked quietly as she stopped a few feet from where her “doctor“ stood.

Duzell jumped, very much not like him, before snapping the book shut and placing it back on the shelf leaving a mental note to come back to it later, “Nothing, Princess.”

“Duzell.” she said as he put the book up and began looking for another book to make him appear slightly occupied.

“Yes, princess?” he asked as if by habit.

“Why don’t you call me Ishtar anymore?”

Duzell was surprised by her question. He just stared at her for a moment before returning to the shelves.

“I hadn’t noticed,” he replied almost coldly.

“Liar,” she shot back.

He looked curiously at her hearing the sudden strain in her voice. He saw the tears swelling in her eyes and placed his hands on her shoulders, also very much not like him.

“Please don’t cry, Princess,” he pleaded. “If you wish for me to call you Ishtar I will.”

Ishtar suddenly buried her face in his chest and clutched his black shirt in her small hands. He could hear her sobbing before she turned her face to the side, “Why has so much changed between us, Duzell?”

He didn’t answer her. How could he? What was he suppose to say? ‘Oh Ishtar, I love you so much I can’t sleep at night? She didn’t need that.

“Please, Duzell. I wish we could talk the way we used to. I miss sitting on my bed and laughing with you. I miss how you would always bail me out at the last minute. I loved the way we used to be. I love….you”

Duzell’s heart stopped at her proclamation. She loved him? How could that be? Surely she meant as a close friend. How else could she mean it?

“I love you too, Princess,” he retorted painfully.

“No,” she said shaking her head. “I love you.”

He jerked back, “Surely you can’t mean that.” Tears began to trickle from her cheeks once more.

“Why not? Why is it so impossible that I’m in love with you? Is it so hard to believe?”

“Yes I mean no I mean…” Duzell stopped trying to collect himself before continuing. Taking a step back up to her he cupped her face in his hands. As she turned her face away slightly he spoke, “What I mean to say, my princess, is that it’s hard to believe because it’s all I have ever dreamed of.”

That made Ishtar look at him. He wiped a tear from her cheek with his thumb before leaning down to sweetly take her lips with his. Ishtar was shocked. She never expected him to love her back, nor did she expect him to be kissing her in the middle of the royal library. Tears trickled form her eyes, this time from joy.

“What’s wrong,” Duzell asked wiping the tears from her face. “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You didn‘t,” Ishtar replied, “I just never expected it to actually happen.”

Duzell gave her a smile, something he never did, before leaning down to once more take her lips into his. Ishtar returned his smile and wrapped her arms around his neck before pulling him closer. She finally knew he loved her and she wasn’t about to let that go. She wasn’t going to let two love go. However, she didn’t expect what happened next. His hand traveled to her hips as he lowered himself slightly to kiss the side of her bare neck. She gasped slightly but said nothing. Then she felt his tongue over her skin and she tightened her grip on his shoulders. Ishtar found herself pushed against the bookcase, Duzell kissing and nipping at her chest and neck with his sharp teeth. Leaning her head back she felt him reach down to lift her long skirt.

“Please Ishtar,” he asked standing up straight to stare into her dark emerald eyes.

Instead of answering, she leaned forward and kissed him while placing one hand over his to make his hand to pull it up. Duzell was surprised by her action but even more by his when he reached under her thighs and lifted her up so that she was pressed against the shelf with her thighs around his waist. As he sucked on her neck gently, forcing himself to not biting into her pale flesh He places one hand at the top of her underwear and pushed it down, dragging it off one leg for better access. The vampire then drug his hand up the inside of her thigh, make her shudder. What was wrong with him. This wasn’t like him at all. Ishtar didn’t deserve this. She deserved to be romanced with flowers and kisses not held against a bookshelf.

But no matter how hard he tried to pull himself away her he couldn’t stop himself from lightly touching the fold that held her dearest treasure. Ishtar gasped and wrapped her arms around his head, burying her hand in his hair. Seeing this, Duzell gave her an experimental stroke. Ishtar threw her head back and pressed her hips into his finger silently begging for more. He complied, stroking her and teasing her nub slightly before easing one finger inside of her.

Duzell might have been experience from his past life but Ishtar was not. And she was still young and tight. He knew it would hurt her and had to try in any way possible to at least relieve some of the pain. He began to caress the inside ofher thigh which tightened around his waist. He eased them apart with his free hand before adding a second finger. Again her thighs tightened and she cried out. She felt something build inside of her, a small ache the begged to be released and, as if sensing this, Duzell pulled away drawing a groan from her lips. He straightened slightly, giving her a dark smile before dropping to one knee, still holding her up. His face disappeared slightly behind her bunched skirt. Being inexperienced, Ishtar wondered what he was doing. Surely he wasn’t going to do that to her. Apparently she was wrong because a moment later she felt his tongue lap gentle at her wet fold. Ishtar all but screamed at this as one of her hands pushed past her skirt to hind his hair and clasp it. Another run of his tongue made her throw her head to the side and placed the side of her hand to her mouth. The feeling of his tongue across her core made the ache deepen. She needed to be fulfilled and soon or she was surely going to burst.

“Please,” she moaned.

Duzell knew what she wanted. And he was willing to give it. He was aroused as it was and wanted nothing more than to feel her heat surrounding him. Standing up, he began to undo his pants. His pulled them down slightly to release himself before pressing closer to her.

“This will hurt, my love,” he whispered huskily.

“I know,” she replied leaning forward to touch their lips together.

When they did, the vampire king eased himself into her. She was like nothing he had ever felt before. Sure he had had sex in his past life but they were all sleepers, people he didn’t care about. They were just something to keep him occupied in his immortality. But most of all they were all cold. Duzell could feel Ishtar’s burning flesh and he wanted to take her. But he refrained when he touched her barrier and felt her tense. He looked into her eyes and saw the determination.

Seeing that it was okay he drew back slightly before thrusting back into her and taking her innocence. Ishtar bit her lip to keep from screaming. No tears came to her eye but she still clenched them tightly closed. She stayed like that for a moment before squirming slightly. Her eyes flew open and she gripped the front of his shirt, trying to stop herself from moaning uncontrollably. At seeing this, Duzell gave a quick kiss to her neck before drawing out once more, almost all the way, and thrusting back in. Ishtar’s arms flew around him. Then he repeated the motion.

Ishtar couldn’t help the moans that were making its way out of her throat. Nor did she try to stop them. It felt too good. He felt too good. She could feel the ache within her grow and grow and she wanted more than anything to be released from the pleasurable pain. Duzell, on the other hand, was enjoying her heat around him. Never before had he felt such bliss. She felt like heaven and wanted more than anything to bury himself in her over and over. Her moans drew him on and he began to thrust deeper and harder than before. Before he knew it, their breath became labored. Then he thrust into her up to the hilt and as hard as he could causing her hip to tilt slightly and her to scream out his name in release. He joined her, spilling himself into her warmth.

They sat there panting for awhile before a cough made them turn with wide eyes to the side. There stood everyone. Literally. Yuujel had a hand up to his mouth with a wide smile plastered across his face while Darres stood beside him with large eyes. Sir Keld’s whose look, however, was indescribable. It could have been described as a mix between utter disbelief and confusion. It was he who coughed.

“Excuse me but when you are finished, Yuujel has agreed to continue teaching you your magic,” Keld said with a shaky voice before turning and walking away, dragging the stunned Darres and amused Yuujel with him.

Duzell and Ishtar just looked at each other with flushed cheeks and wide eyes before separating and leaving the library to compose themselves and continue on with their day.